WVAWWA is accepting recommendations for the 2022 Perkins Boynton Award now through February 28, 2022.

This award is given annually to active, licensed operators who have demonstrated exemplary ability in the operation of a water treatment plant. The first category is for plants serving a population less than 3,300, and the second category is for plants serving a population greater than or equal to 3,300. The operator must be certified and have at least five years of plant operation experience. The treatment process must include application of coagulants, settling, filtration, and disinfection or similar treatment process.

Submit your candidate to Seth Myers at with the following information:

Company / PSD / City

Short note why they are being recommended for award.

2020 Fuller Award Winner

Mary Hutson, RCAP –

Congratulations to Mary Hutson for receiving the 2020 George Warren Fuller Award at the annual conference!

George Warren Fuller Award

This award commemorates the sound engineering skills, brilliant diplomatic talent and leadership ability which characterized the life of its namesake. It is given annually in recognition of outstanding leadership or significant contributions to the advancement of the water works practice within the association or section.

Each year’s honoree is chosen by previous award recipients. A formal award presentation will be made at AWWA’s Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE). Honorees are also recognized at their local sections’ annual conferences so that each recipient can celebrate with his or her industry colleagues.

2020 Perkins-Boynton Award Winners

Small System (<3,300 population) – Rick Parsons of Walton PSD
Large System (>3,300 population) – Chris Petzler of Charleston

Congratulations to Rick Parsons of Walton PSD, and Chris Petzler of Charleston, for being named the 2020 winners!

Perkins-Boynton Award

The award is presented in two categories: to an operator of a plant serving less than 1,000 customers, and to the operator of a plant serving more than 1,000 customers. These awards are given to active licensed plant operators who have demonstrated exemplary ability in the operation of a water plant. Recipients must have demonstrated exceptional responsibility and the desire to increase their knowledge of water treatment.


Nominations from WVAWWA members are sought for the 2018 Perkins Boynton Awards to be presented at the annual conference.  The awards are given in the name of West Virginia’s first certified public water supply operator.  To be eligible, nominees must have 5 or more years of experience as a certified operator at a WV drinking water treatment plant which utilizes coagulation, settling, and filtration.  There are two awards given each year based upon population served (small systems of less than 3,300 persons and large systems of greater than or equal to 3,300 persons).  Please present nominations and any supporting documents or questions to Seth Myers (email: or phone: 304-368-2530) no later than January 1, 2018.

Past Winners

2016 – Jeffrey J. Pippel Jefferson Utilities

Samuel L. Anderson Beckley


2015 – Donald W. Ratliff Burnsville

Michael T. Anderson Morgantown


2014 – William F. McCombs Monongah

Richard N. Densmore Jr. Grafton


2013 – Robert M. McVicker Kingwood

Mark S. Riggsby Denmar CC


2012 – Thomas E. Landis Buckhannon

Jeffrey N. Bennett Bridgeport


2011 – Charles J. McCumbers Jr. Sugar Creek PSD

Steven J. DeRidder Berkeley Co. PSD


2010 – David A. Smigal Timberline

John P. Inghram Putnam PSD


2009 – Michael I. Barkley Elkins

Joseph R. Thorpe Mill Creek


2008 – Chip West Fairmont

Kenneth W. Barton Cedar Grove


2007 – Thomas P. Bowyer Burnsville

Donald E. Conrad Gassaway


2006 – William F. Keister Keyser

Jonathan H. Distefano Bishop Hodges Pastoral Center


2005 – Roger W. Rose Beverly

Ernie P. Kingdon Sr. Gassaway


2004 – Billie J. Suder Weston

Curtis Pyles Hillsboro


2003 – Roger L. Smith Morgantown

Keith T. Teter Harman


2002 – Robert G. Landis Clarksburg

Michael G. Helmick Hamrick PSD


2001 – Ray W. Edgell Grand Badger PSD

Johnny K. Pentasuglia Sr. WV AW


2000 – Charles Straight Fairmont

Art Teter Canaan Valley


1999 – Angeline N. Adams Clarksburg

Darren J. Wriston Sr. Mount Hope

1998 – Darle J. Setler Jr. Taylor Co. PSD

Dale R. Poling Sr. Beverly


1997 – Steven L. Acree Summersville

William J. Wolfe Glenville


1996 – Donald M. Summers Clarksburg

Carl D. Hively Huttonsville CC


1995 – William H. Fauber WV AWC Montgomery

Donald E. Harris Belington Water


1994 – Robert McCall (Honorary) Charleston

Jack C. Beck Claywood Park PSD


1993 – Jean Booten Morgantown

Pat Parker Ravenscliff, McGraw, Saulsville


1992 – Timothy J. Stone Charles Town

__________ Lincoln PSD Alum Creek


1991 – Gregory Van Pelt Grafton

Jon L. Bonnell West Union


1990 – Homer D. Clark Charleston

Robert N. Proudfoot Jr. Webster Springs


1989 – Sam Pyles Fairview

Rupert Parker Oak Hill


1988 – Junior O. McCord Buckhannon

Loren J. Fox Salem Gatewood


1987 – Fred Holren Charleston

Pat McCloud Tunnelton


1986 – Jearl D. Ramsey Glenville

Delmas H. Whetzel Petersburg


1985 – Charles Parsons Washington

James C. Sickles Morgantown


1984 – Larry L. Raider Elizabeth

Johnny L. Willis Princeton


1983 – Grover “Sonny” Moore Jr. St. Albans

John Kimbleton DNR Elkins


1982 – W.A. Godwin Huttonsville

Roger Gillian Matewan


1980 – Verning Browning Teays Valley

Gene L. Patterson Sistersville


1978 – Howard Bill Keyser


2016 Taste Test

1st Place – Morgantown Utility Board

2nd Place – WV American Water – Weston

2016 Meter Madness

1st Place  –  Scott Mays, Beckley Water Company

2nd Place  –  David Humphreys, Beckley Water Company